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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Sketch Diary: Inktober prep - day 4 Spell - sleepover gone wrong

This sketch was tons of fun and happened really quickly. I didn't do a mockup or thumbnail before hand, just went for it (hence the wonky perspective going on). I just knew I wanted a monster coming out of a closet or something with some girls trying to hold it back. That was a thing that happened at sleepovers, right? Slumber parties, whatever you wanna call them. Everyone would sit around and tell spooky stories after dark and try to scare each other. Inevitably, someone would get dared to do the 'Bloody Mary' thing in the bathroom, alone, in the dark. And sometimes, you'd get lucky and get a screamer that would freak themselves out so much, their parents would have to come pick them up and take them home at 1am. Definitely not speaking from experience. #imisssleepovers

with love - M

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