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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

New drawing video up! Floofy hair portrait

Don't ask me how but I managed to make time to sit down and do another one of these. I must really like doing it. The act of recording makes me get out of my head a bit more and look at my drawing with a bigger lens instead of getting stuck on little details and neglecting the rest of the page. The video editing part is fun, too, because I'm learning new things and playing with a new medium.

The one tough part is lighting and getting the webcam setup properly. But I think I have a system in place now that works for me. It takes less time to set up each time I do it. Trying to get good lighting for a pencil sketch is tough though. I tried setting my light to full brightness and I end up getting blinded by the white of the page and my eyes ache afterwards.

4x speed

1x speed

with love - M

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