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Update 01-04-2018: I did it! I uploaded for Inktober 2017! Well, I'm still uploading for it. But that's because I want to hit my go...

Monday, March 12, 2018

Sketch Diary: Raleigh (Charlie Hunnam) study

A quick study using real pencils for once. 2H, HB, and 2B thought you never can see the 2H in a scanned image. In case I missed some key details, this is supposed to be a study of Charlie Hunnam as the character Raleigh from Pacific Rim.

with love - M

Friday, March 9, 2018

Sketch Diary: Kaiju Knifehead study

I wonder what movie I was watching while drawing this... hmmm. Yeah this is a study of one of the Kaiju from Pacific Rim called Knifehead. The sequel to this film is coming out soon so if you haven't seen the first one, get to it! Giant monster fights are the best fights.

Hot damn I love drawing creepy looking monster mouths. Is that a thing? I think it's a thing.

with love - M

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Sketch Diary: Inktober Day 25 - Death fanart

Freehand ink brush pen of Death from Sandman by Neil Gaiman. I was looking at images of both death and the woman that Gaiman says Death was based on - Cinnamon. I changed the gaze and orientation of the face a bit from the references. Being done freehand, I was just running with the mistakes hah. I love how it turned out though. One of my favorite characters. A great comic - check it out if you haven't.

with love - M

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Sketch Diary: Inktober Day 24 - Ergo Proxy fanart

A freehand brush pen drawing of a character from an anime I love - Ergo Proxy. Yeah I know, the face is wonky. Whatever. I still like it. Freehand is hard.

with love - M

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Sketch Diary: Hand in motion

The idea here is kind of movement of the hand. I might make a gif out of it later. Might need some more drawings in between, I don't think 8 is enough to make the animation smooth. It's funny tho... when I first drew these, I thought they didn't look ANYTHING like my hand... now I'm pretty proud of myself hah. The best kind of drawing - the roller coaster of emotion.

with love - M

Monday, March 5, 2018

Sketch Diary: Bunch of heads

Face, face, who's gotta face! Just some iterative drawing practice. Same girl, 9 different faces. I think my fav is...bottom row, middle.

with love - M

Friday, March 2, 2018

Sketch Diary: Inktober Day 23 - Pink cloudy hair

Another quick ink drawing, freehand (no sketching in pencil). And the pink is ink as well, not watercolor. I like how it turned out. Twas fun.

with love - M

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Sketch Diary: Inktober Day 22 - Whispy hair and purple lips

So I've been watching a lot of Artwork by Christopher Cayco videos lately so I've been all about the freehand brush pen drawings. Be sure to check out his live drawings at least. It's like watching a wizard do magic on paper, to me anyway hah.

How it works is you need some kind of ink and brush - brush pens are definitely easier than using raw ink and brushes. Or at least cleaner and takes up less space. Cuz for raw ink you need the ink well, some kind of palette, some kind of towel, glass of water, brushes, and heavy duty paper. Anyway, you have your brush and ink and then you just draw! No pre-sketching in pencil. Just brush to paper and go. I haven't drawn in straight ink like that in ages and it was so freeing and fun and I felt like my wrist was opening up more. Super nice. Highly recommended.

with love - M