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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Sketch Diary: Watching you indifferently color version

This drawing became an experiment in multi-media. I started with a sketch on some old card stock paper. Then I inked it. Then I colored the figure in with Copic markers. But then I did something a bit different from my usual.

I colored the background in watercolor... madness! Not really but it definitely saved me a ton of time. I just wanted a simple orange background and didn't want to waste a ton of Copic marker ink on it. I got really worried though, while I was doing it, because the water made the page super ripple-y. So I sandwiched it in a heavy book for a couple days and thankfully it smoothed out rather nicely.

The stars are bit childish maybe... but I like them. I wish I'd done more haha.

with love - M

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