List of Monthly Drawing Challenges for WHOLE Year

After totally missing out on Inktober recently, I decided to seek out some other monthly challenges. Why shouldn't we have some set cha...

Friday, December 2, 2016

Sketch Diary: Long eared curly haired cutie - no erase

This was a quicky in my tiny 4x6 inch sketchbook. No pencil so no erasing. Just a pen and some mad skillz. IGNORE THE ARM OVERLAP. Shhhh.

Somehow I managed to not do a single inked drawing during actual October for the Inktober challenge. I think that's an achievement in and of itself  >.<  Of course then all of November, all I wanted to do was that challenge. I should just do it. Just all of December. And call it Ink-cember or something stupid like that. I'm always late to the party. Ink-uary...Ink-ruary... yeah no.

with love - M