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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sketch Diary: Watching you indifferently

I visited Hawaii over the summer for the first time (totes a blast) and sketched this while waiting for my first of several flights during that trip. I made it to the airport at, what I thought was on time. Evidently, I didn't need to be so early. I ended up with almost 2 hours of waiting time hah. So I lounged and sketched. Better than being rushed I suppose.

This sketch was funny because thought I went in wanting something more androgynous but didn't expect it to actually work. I'm pleased with the result... just don't look too hard at how the eyes don't quiet line up... oops. This duo of ladies were passing by and I felt them stop behind me while I was drawing, which I don't mind. Eventually they moved on but not before tapping me on the shoulder and saying how much they liked the drawing. It really made my day/week. Was a great start to that vacation/adventure. Thank you ladies, where ever you are.

If you see someone being creative, whether it's drawing or making a mean latte or washing a window with gusto or whatever, and you happen to appreciate their efforts, say something! I can almost guarantee we'll always love to hear it. Like 99% of the time. You'll always have that one grump that can't take a compliment. But they're probably the ones that need to hear your love the most!

with love - M

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