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Friday, September 16, 2016

Sketch Diary: Star girl digital

So along with traveling a bunch this summer, I ended up totally cutting myself off from my desktop computer without really noticing. It was pretty weird. I think I was just really burned out digitally. I ended up spending a ton of time cleaning out my material stuffs, cleaning in general, gardening, and trying to spend time each day on myself (meditation type stuffs).

Can you see that in the sketch? I'm tired of being stiff and uncomfortable both physically and emotionally. Feels like all this time spent on myself is paying off. Unfortunately, all that meditation did NOT include drawing of any kind so I barely drew anything this summer. But I'm excited to get back into being creative everyday. Or at least creative in a drawing kind of way. I still think downsizing and reorganizing my kitchen cabinets requires its own creativity haha.

So to the universe I say - take time for yourself. It may seem like a lot of work to slow down and calm your mind but trust me it will pay off.

with love - M

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