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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sketch Diary: Portrait during the Josei panel

Thank you, Joel, for encouraging me to go to the Josei panel at Zenkaikon 2016 instead of whatever the other option was at the time. I remember being like 'Idk if I'll be into the Josei panel... they'll probably just talk about dreamy unrealistic men and unrealistic expectations in relationships etc.'. So glad I was wrong. Was a pretty good panel (gotta a little sleepy towards the end but it was early in the day) and learned about a bunch of really interesting sounding manga and anime. Like the one where the main character is a secretary type woman by day and a call girl by night but the lovers she brings home are then fed by her to her pet alligator... YES PLEASE. Of course not all josei style stories are like that and that's the point. Some are milder, more slice of life style and others are more fantastical. The point is simply that Josei offers something for the mature female oriented audience.

Explain - you've got shojo for young girls, shonen for young boys, seinen for young men (think 15-24), and of course josei for adult women. Evidently there's also kodomomuke for kiddies that's supposedly fairly gender neutral. Check out this kotaku article for some more info.

If you're looking for something to check out, one of my current favorite josei type things at the moment is Princess Jellyfish.

with love - M

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