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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sketch Diary: TBT - Pink haired centaur girl

Throwback to 2011 - lots of random marker practice pieces that year. I still love this drawing, not exactly sure why... there are a lot of things I would fix (if I was into that sort of thing hah) like the skinny arm in front, the odd shoulders, the 'thighs' are too small for my taste, and that hand. Obviously, I had such a hard time with the one hand, I had to hide the other! But with all that, I still like her look. Looking inside of herself, seeing without sight. And pink hair?! I mean who doesn't love pink hair?

with love - M

Friday, March 6, 2015

Sketch Diary: Snake wedding

Badger badger badger badger... I don't know where this idea came from exactly but I  ran with it. We all know I love serpent-like, mermaid-y folk. I showed it to a couple people and the consensus was that it was some kind of wedding and the woman turned into a snake thing and the dude fainted or maybe she accidentally killed him or something to that effect. Whatever the background, I wanted her to look concerned but confused/curious. I hope that came across. It was a lot of fun to sketch this out. Snake-y forms are always very satisfying for me.

with love - M

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sketch Diary: TBT - Marker madness with pink hair

A lovely little throwback marker piece from 2011. I loved doing this piece. I remember it vividly. Sketching it out during my free time at the Jr. high school in Japan. Inking it and coloring it in my tiny but cozy apartment many months later. I remember the teachers that would stop by to watch while I sketched seemed to really like this one. One teacher even drew her own quick version of it as a gift for me. I was so flattered (and her drawing was adorable, to boot!).  There are just a lot of fond memories that come back to me when I see this drawing... I need to stop looking at job boards in Japan. This is not okay haha. Per usual, I used Copic markers for color and white acrylic paint for the little highlights.

with love - M

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sketch Diary: Almost kiss, nose nuzzle

D'awww. Aren't they just the cutest? AREN'T THEY?! No, they're not. The figure on the right has weird facial dimensions that I couldn't reconcile... or was to lazy to reconcile. Bagh.

with love - M