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Friday, November 28, 2014

Sketch Diary: Mary from Reign

Just a quickie sketch of Mary, Queen of Scots, from the show Reign. She had this powerful look in this one shot, like she could see something in the distance that no one else could see. I'm interested in what else that actress will end up doing in the future - I think there's some serious potential there. And the costume designer for the show - love the stuff. I don't think any of it's very period true but I appreciate the ingenuity. I'm hoping to play with making some of the cool hair pieces, the beaded ones that Mary wears that lay flat like a headband/crown. Very pretty.

Happy Friday! Don't terrorize those retail associates too much, ok? I've been there - it means a lot when costumers practice a little patience with all the sale madness.

with love - M

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