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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sketch Diary: TBT - mermaids on the beach

Time for a throwback! This cutie is from January 2010. I wanted some more color on this blog so here's one of my first attempts with my Copic markers. Also... one of few attempts to actually have a real background heh. I don't know why that's so frightening but it is. Still, I remember enjoying drawing the piece initially but when I started coloring I specifically remember that I zoned out and just kind of threw caution (and sense) to the wind when choosing the colors. I went through different phases of love and hate with this piece over time. I think I finally appreciate it for what it is and I'm glad it came out this way. Those clouds are really weird, though. Not sure what was going on there... I assume it's supposed to be sunset? Shouldn't I know these things?! No.

with love - M

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