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Friday, October 3, 2014

New lens! Some test shots with a 50mm

With a new job comes new fun toys! Well, this can also be used for work but you know what I mean. I bought a new 50 mm 1.4 Canon lens this week and here are some of my first shots. Check out the rest of the album here. The puppy up top is my akita, Baku. He's a pretty good sport with photo taking but I think big cameras freak him out a bit. Still, I think I got some nice shots of him.

This super cool boat belonged to my boyfriends grandfather I believe. I love how the 50mm blurs everything but what's being focused on. I think it makes this boat seem bigger and more real.

 Just a view out of my living room windows. Can't wait to try this out with portraits.

with love - M