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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sketch Diary: Carolina girl

Cute, random, story behind this drawing. when I did the initial sketch, I was in North Carolina visiting my family. They were going to church one Sunday while I was there and I decided to tag along for the drive since the church happened to be near a cute town I had visited once before called Southport. So I dropped of the 'rents and headed into town to find the little sitting area by the waterway. I found an open picnic table and sat down to sketch a little in the beauty and peace of the waterside gazebo-type area. My peace and quite did not last long...

First, this group of ladies nearby were talking (loudly so it was hard not to eavesdrop) about how they like being near the beach but can't handle the sand. One would say something about how gross sand is or how it gets everywhere and they others would respond with something like "OMG yes! You're so right!". The kicker was when the one girl proclaims that she needs one of those pools that sits next to the beach, so the sand is right there... but she can be safe in her clean sanctuary. One of the ladies proclaimed her a genius and they sighed in unison, I'm assuming while they imagined how wonderful that would be. I guess there also wouldn't be wind in this pool bubble world. Then the fun began. This big old salty lab comes barrelling up to the table area and proceeds to request pets. Then he climbs onto the table, yeah onto, and lays down so that these ladies can have better access to petting him. Meanwhile they're scrambling to get their purses and such out of the way because this is one salty, salty dog. Also wet, presumably from the water, you know, 50 feet from us. Soon after, a time-worn, gentle soul comes wandering up, apologizing for his dogs ridiculousness. I was just smiling the whole time. The ladies were good humored about it and actually pet the lab as well as his other friend (she remained on the ground). Evidently both dogs were rescues that this man had taken in after putting his daughter through college. That was after he'd been through at least 1 major war. People are fascinating.

Eventually, the ladies left, the salty dogs and gentle soul went about their business, and I was left to draw in peace... for a time. Soon enough, one of the ladies sitting behind me stood up and gasped really loudly and for a moment I was concerned something was wrong. She leans forward to look over my shoulder and apologizes for startling me, but that she was surprised to see that not only was I drawing, but I was drawing something good haha. Her husband agrees in a harumph and chastizes her for surprising me. She suddenly gets worried that I might have drawn a huge line across my page and ruined the "30 hours" I had put into the drawing. I giggled and insisted myself and my drawing were fine and thanked her for the appreciation. She gave me a hearty "Keep up the good work!" and left. Another young girl came over while this all went on and got very wide eyed while peeking over my other shoulder. I asked if she liked it and all I could get out of her was a very excited, rapid nodding of her head.

I finished up in about 45 minutes total and headed back to pick up my parents. It amazes me how many interactions a person can have in such a small amount of time. Reminds me of goings to conventions and wandering the artist alleys. The moral here is to always bother artists. Let them decide if they want to put down their brush and converse further but always express your feelings when you find beauty in something. It always means the world to me and I imagine most other artsy folk feel the same. We love what we do. It's an added bonus that you love it, too.

with love - M

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