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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Update for the New Year

We've now been cruising along in 2010 for over a month and I think it's safe to say, I feel lucky to be where I am. My situation is currently thus: One wedding package completed in October, another wedding package being worked on right now, a dvd cover and poster being finished, several personal fine art projects, final stages of setting up formal art and design team/group called Hail to the Dream, and beginning work as a part-time art teacher for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Delaware (Northern). I'm still living at home by the grace of my parents and still don't have a normal graphic design job but I'm still managing to enjoy the little things.

It's taken forever for the BG Clubs job to get started due to a change in their background-check system. Better late than never I suppose. The hardest part is sitting in front of my computer or sketching in my room day in and day out. It gets a little monotonous. I'll be grateful for the change in scenery and activity. Getting paid won't be bad either.

As for graphic design specifically, I feel a little behind if only because I've been more focused on improving myself in figure drawing and fine art color theory. I've been dabbling in all sorts of media from pastels to markers to brush pens to acrylic to watercolor to CG painting. It's been an interesting journey especially in this last month. But the design part of my has slipped into hibernation a little and I'm excited to get it back in the game with this new wedding package and another advertising package for a local non-profit group.

So keep an eye out on my deviantART account; that's where I do most of my day to day uploads of ideas and finished pieces. http://shiroimiko.deviantart.com/ Apologies about the lack of updates on here. I intend to be more active with a once a month discussion/update on this blog. It's on my calender now!

As always, thanks for following along.

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