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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Link information and trouble in paradise

Lately I have been focusing on sketching and practicing more in a different, more artsy direction than design. I resolved that instead of uploading those things I have been working here, I have kept them contained to my deviantART account here http://shiroimiko.deviantart.com/
If you're interested in following my day to day sketches and projects, please visit this site.

I should have the more recent invitations I have been working on up soon though my favorite one will have to wait until after the wedding for which it was made in October.

Though several local design groups have nibbled at me and my portfolio, unfortunately no one's biting, or are able to bite in this economy. I can only hope that as time wears on, situations for everyone will start to improve. I am still accepting freelance projects and after my website is up, I will have complete rates available. For the time being, my base rate is $25 per hour and additional costs apply for the more custom projects. Thankfully, for print services I have a local (and very well priced) printer who I have already done a fun invitation project with and will be starting another one in the next week or so.

Thank you for visiting and take care!

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